Primary Children - Ages 2 Through Grade 5

Christian adults helping children enjoy the world God has given us, and trying to make it a little better for others too.

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Primary families and friends meet throughout the year for fun activities.

       . . . and lots more fun events!



Sunday School follows our morning worship service from 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM each Sunday morning. The children’s Sunday School program begins with opening time together in the "Kids Cafe" in our church basement area. The "Kids Cafe" area provides a safe and loving environment for all our children as the engage in experiences to nurture their faith. We require security checks for all our children’s teachers and care givers.

The children will learn Bible stories and Bible verses. They will also spend time singing together (age 2 through kindergarten) or sharing and prayer time with their peers and adults over a simple snack in the cafe area (grades 1 to 5). This time provides opportunities for our children to interact with multiple generations and feel like they are respected and valued as members of our church family.

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