1746 sheepskin deed for Deep Run Meetinghouse land.  Credit: Jay Ruth

Deacon Abraham Wismer's wallet.  Credit: Jay Ruth

Late 18th century Deep Run East baptism bowl and communion bread plate, and 1746 communion cup. Credt: Jay Ruth

This offering box was used in Deep Run's second building with the date 1766 inscribed on the top of the lid and 1872 underneath.  Credit: Jay Ruth

Deep Run Meetinghouse 1766-1872.  This picture was taken just before it was torn down.  Reproduction credit: Phil Ruth

This 1743 Christopher Sauer Bible printed at Germantown was used as the pulpit Bible at Deep Run. Credit: Jay Ruth

Two early hymnbooks used at Deep Run were the Aubund (bottom) and the Zion's Harpe (top)  The Ausbund was used in the 1700s.  The Zion's Harpe was introduced in the early 1800s.  This particular Ausbund hymnal also contained Leatherman family records (right). Credit: Jay Ruth

John Adam Eyer made this fraktur for Jacob Beitler of the Deep Run School.  It is a cover for a writing book dated June 16, 1784.  Credit: Jay Ruth

Fraktur Bookplate dated 1815 for Sarah Oberholtzer, singing scholar of the Deep Run School.  Credit: Jay Ruth

This is the third church building which stood from 1872 to 1948.

Harvest Home Service with John S. Hess of Lititz in 1938.  Sam Detweiler is leading a song.  Ministers and deacons seated in the pulpit include some visitors.  Left to right: Abram Youthers, Alfred Detweiler, Wilson Overholt, Melvin Bishop, Enos Wismer (behind pole, John S. Hess, unidentified, Daniel Gahman, unidentified, Henry Delp, Franklin Aldefer and Harvery Meyers

Deep Run Community School picture, 1908/1909. Brick Schoolhouse