Download E-Tithe Form

What is E-Tithe?

E-Tithe is a way for you to make your tithe to Deep Run Mennonite Church East automatically from your bank account. If you choose E-Tithe your contribution will be made on a recurring schedule if you attend church on Sunday morning or do not attend.

How do I enroll?

You must complete and sign a DRE E-Tithe authorization form providing your bank account information and indicate the amount of your contribution.

What does it cost to enroll? Are there fees associated with E-Tithing?

There is no cost to enroll and there are no fees to the contributor or to DRE.

What if I want to stop E-Tithe?

You simply complete an E-Tithe authorization agreement indicating that you want to discontinue allowing sufficient time to process the request.

How does it work?

The DRE E-Tithing program uses the same ACH (Automatic Clearing House) electronic financial network that banks have been using for many years to transfer money from one bank to another. Access to the ACH system is via the DRE bank’s online banking system and security used by the bank.

What if I want to change my contribution amount?

You simply complete an E-Tithe authorization agreement indicating the change in your contribution amount.

What if I change banks?

You must complete an E-Tithe authorization agreement discontinuing your E-Tithe account and providing a new E-Tithe authorization agreement with your new bank account information.

Is E-Tithing confidential?

The ACH process requires that each transaction includes the account holder name, account number and amount to be regularly transferred. Given this requirement the E-Tithe Authorization Agreement must include this information as well. The E-Tithe Authorization Agreement will be held by the DRE E-Tithe administrator and maintained in a confidential manner. If you make additional contributions via the envelope system the E-Tithe administrator will not have access to the envelope contribution amount or your total combined giving.

How do I keep track of my account balance?

Since your E-Tithe is a recurring amount, unless you change it by submitting a new authorization agreement, simply enter the amount of your tithe in your check register accordingly. The E-Tithe transaction will appear on either your checking or savings account statement.

Who does the transfer from my bank?

The DRE authorized E-Tithe administrator initiates the ACH transfer.

When does the transfer take place?

The transfer takes place on the scheduled business banking day of the week determined by the E-Tithe administrator.