Ronald was born one month before the devastating earthquake in Haiti. He was found in the rubble by an American missionary who lives and works in Haiti. Children Without Choices is helping her to formally adopt Ronald. This will give him a secure future and a loving family.



Milton was brought to our medical team clinic by his mother. A year earlier Milton had pulled a pot of hot soup all down the side of his head and his right side. His right ear was scarred to his head and his arm was scarred to his chest and he couldn’t move it.

With the assistance of Help the Children, Milton was brought to a burn center in St. Louis and his scars were released and skin grafted in to free his arm and ear. Now the tightness of the scarring is gone and he can use his arm again. High five!



Nolvin brought himself to our medical team clinic hoping that we could help him. Nolvin had been born with a club foot. In a first world country his foot would have been repaired in the first months of birth.                          

Instead, Nolvin had walked on his foot for 9 years with no hope of ever running and playing like his friends. He was the saddest  little boy I ever met.

With the help of a community leader and friends in Honduras, Children Without Choices was able to get him to a CURE hospital in San Pedro Sula and repair his club foot. Two years later he was one of the happiest kids we met when we revisited his village during a medical team clinic.