How will your donation help?

Deep Run East team members meet children and families while on mission trips to Honduras who do not have the resources to pay for even simple medical treatments, such as eyeglasses, a pin for a broken leg, or a nebulizer. It is very frustrating to find children who have no choice but to live with a correctable medical or social issue, so Children Without Choices is a way to help.


Ways your donation will help children in need:

  • $25 or more can help with transportation costs which can vary depending on the distance and number of visits needed for care.

  • $25 to $100 or more can cover medication for all types of needs.

  • $35 can help cover cover the cost of food, formula and diapers for infants.

  • $35 can help cover the cost of a nebulizer for a child.

  • $50 to $700 can help with broken bone surgery for plates & pins.

  • $60 or higher covers visits to specialists, such as cardiologists, internists and pediatricians.

  • $150 covers the cost of a wheelchair.

  • $170 to $850 covers special test needed like x-rays, MRI's, Metabolic screening and biopsies.

  • $800 or more helps with surgery for things like hernias, tumors, cataracts, and repair broken bones.

Make your donation today!

Donations can be made through PayPal online or by mailing a check to:
Children Without Choices 350 Kellers Church Road, Perkasie PA  18944