Helping Hands Project in Roaring Branch, PA

In the spring of 2011 some of the men in the Church decided that as a part of our "Helping Hands" ministry we should assist a member of our extended church community. The woman had moved to northern Pennsylvania and had been widowed at a young age with children in the home. The home was in need of significant repairs and was inefficient to heat. Her extended family volunteered to help finance the project and in June the remodeling project was completed in two weeks. New windows, insulation, and siding were installed and extensive upgrades were made to the plumbing and electrical systems.

Skilled volunteers from her extended family, the Grover, PA Methodist church and from Mennonite churches in our own community joined the Deep Run East team. A total of 21 men and one hard working young woman worked on the remodeling with 4 additional volunteers in the kitchen. Many of the meals were provided by the Methodist church and the Deep Run community. The use of a comfortable hunting "cabin" was contributed to house the volunteers who traveled from the Deep Run area to Roaring Branch, PA

On the last day of the project a driver pulled off the highway wanting to hire the "contractor".

Click on the larger image below for best viewing of the photographs of the project. Photography by Janet Ruster.

There was plenty of food.  Some of us gained weight...sigh.