Derek's Therapy Room

Derek's therapy room began as a dream for Derek Wenhold and his mother, Marie Wenhold of Sellersville. Marie experienced a mother's worst nightmare in 2006 when Derek was critically injured in an automobile accident. His injuries were extensive and doctors were not hopeful about the outcome. Derek not only survived, but was slowly re-learning how to walk and talk. When he was able to come back to his home in Sellersville, it was soon apparent that in order to continue his recovery, he would need adequate therapy equipment and handicapped accessibility in the home. Together Marie and Derek began to dream of what a "therapy room" might look like and they committed their dream to God.

We didn't know it, but God's plan involved us. One of our men noticed a contribution jar for Derek on the desk of a local dentist's office and inquired about what it was for. He was introduced to Marie Wenhold, a hygienist in the office. Over the next few weeks a consensus grew within our fellowship that this was a project to which we were called.

Derek's therapy room first took shape on paper through the donated time of an architect. Our carpenters, masons, electricians, and plumbers donated their time as well as craftsmen from other churches in the community. Young and old worked side-by-side to help make this dream a reality. Donations from firms in the area took the form of building materials, windows, doors and even a port-a-potty. Financial contributions came in from medical staff that had worked with Derek. Students and faculty from the horticulture departments at Upper Bucks Technical School and Delaware Valley College donated the labor and funds from a benefit auction to complete the landscaping. In the Spring of 2008 Derek moved into the new space and Deep Run East learned once again that God's family is bigger than any individual congregation.

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